Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"King of the Roost" SOLD

"King of the Roost" by J Joy Nocifora ©2011 - Sold
10x10" oil on 1.5" gallery wrap canvas

It is about time that I painted a rooster. I say that because I have always had a fascination for them. Their fanciful plumes in an endless array of color combinations are really quite beautiful. Perhaps most interesting to me is their feisty personality. When I think about it, I have known some people who have some of this same feistiness. I suppose they get their names like "King of the Roost" honestly. I enjoyed the free flowing, bold brush strokes of the feathers in this painting.

Available at St. George's Episcopal Church Gallery, Germantown, TN or the church office for purchase information: 754-7282