Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Nancy Franke Workshop... Fantastic!

Can't believe I have been to Atlanta's, Art School of Sandy Springs and I am back from a fast paced, two day, exciting workshop with Nancy Franke. Nancy is quite a dynamo and I put her at the top of my list of outstanding workshop instructors. Here you see Nancy giving her group a brief introduction and overview. Handouts are being distributed and everything is so well organized and explained that there is no need for notetaking.
Nancy did a fabulous demo using her limited palette of ultramarine blue, lemon yellow, cad.
red medium, white and she occasionally uses
alizarin crimson.
Our first exercise was a paper towel painting. Do you see that piece of paper in Nancy's hand? That is a "paper towel brush" or "tool" as Nancy calls it. One piece of paper towel is rolled loosely, then folded in half and twisted about 1 1/2 inches down from the fold. After setting up what we were to paint, we had 10 minutes to complete the paper towel painting. Dynamo Nancy made the rounds several times and like a bee with all its energy, gave us words of encouragement and lots of laughs.
Tomorrow, I will post a painting (unfinished of course) that I worked on in the workshop.