Thursday, April 21, 2011

Landscape, Monochomatic (Value) to Color... John Pototschnik Workshop

Photo Reference

Color Study
Spring in the Courson's Backyard by J Joy Nocifora ©2011

I enjoyed developing the concepts in this landscape from the monochromatic study to color. John Pototschnik has a masterful and invaluable way of presenting color to his students based on the Munsell color system. "Color enhances the mood," says John.
Questions you should consider: 1. have you selected the proper palette for your concept? (Is it a cloudy, sunny, foggy... fall, winter, etc.) 2. have you mixed the correct hue and value consistent with the concept?
It is all very challenging, interesting and fun and it is very much something you have to work with a lot to fully understand the complexities of color and their relationships.
Just wondering... did I capture the concept in this color study?