Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A Commission...Tina's House

Painting a commission is special in many ways.  First, most of the time, the painting is of something very meaningful or memorable to the one who has commissioned the painting. Now, I have to say that just knowing this makes me a bit apprehensive. After I get the painting started and it seems to be coming together, I get so much joy when it is time to present it to a patron.
The following painting, "Tina's House" was commissioned by a longtime friend.  She wanted three of these painted for her family.  This is grandma's house where many memories were made.  What could be more special? Thanks to my friend, Gina, for letting me paint these for you!

Original Photo of "Tina's House"

Tina's House
11x14 oil on board
by Judy Nocifora