Thursday, April 7, 2011

"Journey West"... wrap up

"The Artist's Cottage" by J Joy Nocifora ©2011
6 x 8" oil on linen canvas panel

The rest of Jennifer's workshop was, of course, all about applying what she teaches. I mentioned in my previous post that prior to using color, I painted a preliminary value study using white paint and mixing three values of grey paint. Then, I transitioned out in the field, to making a quick pencil, thumbnail sketch and then using three "cool" grey markers for the value study. The lightest would be the white of the paper and next was a 20% grey marker, the middle grey was 70% and the darkest grey was 90%.
This is a very cool, very necessary step before starting a plein air painting.

On the last day of the workshop, the group went to a charming location, The Farm at South Mountain on our last two workshop days. I was enthralled by The Artists Cottage and I used the side of the cottage as my last painting. Inside the cottage there was a little kitchen and all the rooms were artist's gift shops. Charming!

Finally, I must tell you that this was a wonderful experience. Jennifer McChristian is a fabulous instructor. I enjoyed meeting artists from Minnesota, Alabama, , Arizona, California, Washington, Wisconsin, and Massachusetts. The weather was glorious and the landscape was so different from my home state of Tennessee. The Scottsdale area is beautiful!